GO metricUSA is an organization dedicating to promoting the adoption of the metric system in the United States of America. This is the home for METRIC STANDARDS for Worldwide Manufacturing, the leading metric reference book since it was first published by Industrial Press in 1978.

You have free access to four chapters in the Metric Standards Book linked above.  The material presented in the publication is carefully edited since it has been tested for more than 30 years and gone through seven editions. The free material is our contribution to promote the use of the metric system here in the USA.  In order to meet our goals listed on the About page, we need your help and support. 

 We live in a metric world, and numerous areas around us are already metric. How metric products are successfully sold on the global market are proven by industry groups such as: Wine and Liquor, Soft Drinks and Water, Pharmaceuticals, Vitamins, Automobiles, etc. A “fifth” gallon is now 750 mL (milliliters), and the Kentucky whisky and California wine industries are doing great on the global market.

We should learn from the successful transition done by the Wine and Liquor industries, and start to package products such as: sugar, flour, butter, etc. in 500 g (gram) packages rather than the customary pound (454 g) bags. The old ladies in Germany today go into the grocery store and ask for a pound of butter and get of course the standard 500 g wrapping. We could now market a lot of those food items on a global scale. You have a hard time to sell products in pound bags outside the USA.

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